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New May Price reduction for Mac and Windows till 1st July 2020

Responding to the current educational challenges and to support stage management training, we’d would like to offer CallQ Trainer to colleges, drama schools and individuals at a nominal rate.

Just to cover our basic costs in materials (overlay and stickers) admin, postage etc you can have a CallQ Trainer licence until 1st July 2020 for:

1 Licence - £7

5 Licences - £15

10 Licences - £30

15 Licences - £40

(After 1st July 2020 you will have to purchase a full licence to carry on using your copy of CallQ Trainer).

Get in touch to place your order:

CallQ Licences


CallQ Trainer

A Single One-year licence - £25

5 x One-year licences - £100

10 x One-year licences - £150

15 x one-year licences - £200

20 x one-year licences - £250

30 x one-year licences - £300

40 x one-year licences - £350

(All licences last 12 months from activation).

CallQ Studio

(launching end of August 2020)

Purchasing a Licence

As every individual and institution’s requirements are unique we find it beneficial to design a bespoke package to supply the best learning experience possible.

To discuss what would suit you best, please email: