About Us

Two industry professionals have developed CallQ to meet the challenge of delivering consistent, quality training to Deputy Stage Managers/show callers.

Gail Pallin
Gail Pallin is a Trustee of Pitlochry Festival Theatre and has over 35 years’ experience in stage and production management for producing theatres throughout the UK. She has designed, delivered and validated both Degree and Diploma Programmes, and her passion is contributing to first class stage management training. She is also the author of "Stage Management - The Essential Handbook".

Iain McConnell
Iain McConnell is a software specialist who has worked across a range of industries designing and implementing innovative applications to help solve real-world problems. This has included delivering solutions for local government, telecoms, finance and major ICT providers.

CallQ being demonstrated by Gail and Iain at the PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association) event in Glasgow.

PLASA 2019

Gail and Iain recently won the ‘Innovation in Technology’ Award from Fife College for their work on CallQ.

Fife College Innovation Award